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House of Refuge is a treatment facility benefiting the paroling and discharged from incarceration. The mission is to aide discharged convicts by providing shelter, moral, spiritual uplift and reformation. We also believe that society is best protect-ed when released from the House of Refuge. We are keeping the faith that they will live with honest and upright lives, self-supporting and law-abiding life afterward.

Why should we help the discharged prisoner?

Not because he is a criminal and has been a prisoner, but because he is a man and needs help. The lot is waiting for its building! Let’s build the House of Refuge! Be a part of someone’s changed life! God bless us all!


WELLS FARGO BANK – Las Vegas, NV Miracle Ministries Intl Account no. 2627462795

EASTWEST BANK (Peso Account) Miracle Ministries Intl Phil Chapter Inc Account no. 200024752231

EASTWEST BANK (USD Account) Miracle Ministries Intl Phil Chapter Inc. Account no. 300000862332

CONTACTS: Pastor HELENA ARCIAGA Mobile No.: +1 702 328 6340 Email:

Pastor ARTHUR CADIOGAN Mobile No.: +63 922 894 3687 Email:

We are ready for construction!

The lot is waiting for its building. Located at the Romulo Highway, Sitio Molave, San Isidro, Tarlac City, Philippines MIRACLE MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL The Lord hears the needy and does not despise his captive people. PSALM 69:33

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